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How To Save Telenor Sim Balance | Telenor Balance Save Code


How To Save Telenor Sim Balance | Telenor Balance Save Code

Are you worried about losing your Telenor Sim balance without any activation of packages in this article I will give you a quick solution to remove all  unnecessary services from your Telenor number which are causing waste of Balance 

See The Screenshot Disney Service has been subscribed on my Telenor number and they are cutting charges of rs 25 per week for Disney services but trust me this service is auto subscribe while browsing on my browser I did not know Disney and I don't want Disney services 

Also See The Image they have added  unsubscription code from Disney but this did not work for me  I have done same method they have told in message but did not get any  confirmation unsubscription message

then I tried second time to unsubscribe this service from my Telenor number because this was causing of waste of balance 

But Not Got Successful And second time they have charge rs 25 of Disney premium subscription from my Telenor balance Now I was Much Worried About This And Then I got an Idea 

UnSub All Faltu Services:

Now this time I open my Telenor app and searched for subscribed services on my Telenor number and I got there Disney premium subscription all of details about this service and charges and also I got option of deactivating this service from your number
How is this possible many of the user are thinking about this because they did not get any option like me in my Telenor app so don't worry about this
you just have to download this version of my Telenor app and you will get same option like me in my Telenor app and you can unsubscribe all services that are unnecessary and wasting of your balance with one click

Download My Telenor App:

Here is the download link of my Telenor version which have this option to unsubscribe all unnecessary services that are causing waste of balance 
simply click on download button and download this variant and follow these steps to get find this option
Download File

Now As You Seen In Image 1st click On My Account Option and then Click On Subscriptions and Here Click On Digital Services 
Here You will see all subscribed services and You can Easily Deactivate them


here today i have share telenor balance save code now you can save you telenor balance and easily enjoy all services if u find this method helpful please share with friends 

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