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How To Use Tiktok App In Pakistan After PTA Ban


Tiktok provided an opportunity to showcase its talents to countless people who probably didn't even know it, and many of them became overnight stars, and the media was forced to pay attention to those who had previously ignored them. Was doing He was invited to shows abroad. But as the app grew in popularity among Pakistani youth, controversy over it escalated and the word went from warning to ban.

The app was banned by the Pakistan Telecommunications Authority (PTA), Pakistan's communications regulator, saying complaints were made against the content of the app by "various sections of society".

 Tiktok stance on banning this app is not yet known but there are many people living in Pakistan who have been taken to the heights of fame by this app.

 Let us tell you what such tick talkers with millions of followers think about this ban and what will be the difference in their lives if this app does not exist.

Speaking to the BBC, Kabir Afridi said that in terms of our Islamic society, the PTA has made a good decision.

 However, he also said that nowadays is the age of youth and this app has provided a platform to these youth where along with entertainment, new talent also gets a chance to come forward.

 Kabir believes that ban is not the answer. He said that if the PTA had any complaint regarding the material, they could have made some rules and regulations and imposed censors.

 "If a video was showing some obscene material in our society, it could have been blocked or removed, but banning tic-tac-toe is not the answer, so the whole internet has to be shut down tomorrow," he said. Will

 Naila Jutt, who hails from a backward family in Sialkot, is also a popular tick talk star and has millions of followers due to her simple-minded video.

 Speaking to the BBC, Naila Jutt looked very upset. "I am shocked to hear that the government has done something very wrong," he said.

 However, like Kabir, Naila also believes that 'obscenity' has been on the rise for some time now, so whenever the ban is lifted from the app, there is something to be done to curb 'obscenity'. The rules must be enforced.

How To Use Tiktok App In Pakistan?

Currently If You Want To Use Tiktok App In Pakistan You Have To Download Vpn App And Connect With Any Other County Server Then You will be able to Use Tiktok App

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