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Girl Voice Changer Pro Mod Apk [Latest Version]

Freely Change Your Voice Through Girl Voice Changer Mod Version On Whatsapp,Instagram and Messenger

Girl Voice Changer Pro Mod Apk [Latest Version]

Most of the people are searching for Best Girl Voice changer app for whatsapp and messenger. Today I will share details about the new girl voice changer app for whatsapp and also give you premium apk file of this app.

Have you ever wondered how people can change their voice into a female voice? Well, this is not a magic trick or a science fiction. There is a special app for Android devices called Girl Voice Changer that can help you to change your voice into a female voice. You can record sounds and modify them in such a way that your voice will sound like a female voice, And App Comes with a Feature to Share Changed Voice on Whatsapp as a Voice Message.I can guess you all will interested to do this amazing Voice Change Trick on whatsapp and surely want to surprise Friends and Family.

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Why People Want to Change Voice

Also there is another big Reason Why People want to change their voice? Some people don't like their real voice and want to change their voice. They think that the female voice is sweeter, softer and more pleasant than male voice. So they try to change their voice into female voice using various voice changer apps. One of the best and most popular voice changer app is Girl Voice Changer Pro Mod Apk.

Girl Voice Changer Pro 

Girl Voice Changer Pro is best voice changer app in market it has various voice change option and also share your voice on whatsapp as voice message, this app can change your voice as girl,boy,old woman,old man and other, it also has lots of funny voice changer option, It has more than 10 funny voice changer option. It is the best voice changer app in the market.

This voice changer app has built in best voice changing features that makes it premium from others and you can create the best girl voice output from this app and the generated voice will not be recognized easily and easily you can send as voice message on whatsapp and messenger.

Features Of Girl Voice Changer Mod App

Girl Voice Changer is an android app used to change voice into female voice. This app has been developed to provide fun and entertainment to users. It can be used in a number of ways which will be discussed later on in this article. The app is built using advanced technology which provides high quality output.

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Highlighted features of app are mentioned below 

  • Record Voice & Change it
  • Pre Recorded Voices Changes
  • Write Text And Create Audio In different voices 
  • Option to Save Work as project
  • Record Video and Change Voice
  • A Clean Audio Recorder
  • Beautiful Girl Voice
  • Woman Voice
  • Cute Boy Voice
  • Man & Baby Voices
  • Add Ambient Sound Effects in Background
  • Send Voice on Whatsapp
  • A Simple and Clean UI Design

Girl Voice Changer Pro Mod Apk [Latest Version]

Simple And Clean UI 

Girl voice changer app has clean and simple UI so anyone can easily navigate and understand the app mechanism and used it easily if you don't have any knowledge about using voice changer apps so please watch our tutorial on YouTube about this app so you can easily use this app without any difficulty

Two Female Voices

Good news for you Girl Voice Changer Mod app comes with two female voices one is girl voice and other is a woman voice and you can access all of these voices in free version but if you want to send message on WhatsApp in these voices you have to buy premium subscription to use this feature but don't worry  in this article I am giving girl voice changer premium version. You can enjoy all premium features of this app totally free 

Three Male Voices

  • Boy Voice
  • Man Voice
  • Baby Voice

Girl Voice Changer Mod comes with three different male voices and you can easily change the pitch of all voices and also level of clarity so you can make best male voice from this app that would not recognise by anyone who is listening to that voice 

Add Ambient Sound Tracks In Voice

The most interesting feature that i loved in this app is the ambient sound track in voice to make the voice more realistic. For example, if you want to add the sound of the rain to your voice, you can add an ambient sound track. To do so, click the "Audio" button located on the bottom right corner of the screen, and then click "Add an ambient sound track

How To Change the Voice From App

Now let's move to the real topic of this article that is how to change your voice using this app well this is very simple for some people but most of the user don't know about how to use this app properly to get awesome and clear voice that will not recognised by anyone so read all the steps and follow it and you will get awesome result

  • First of all open the app and allow all necessary permission to run this app
  • After that you will get interface of app and there you will get four highlighted option and I am explaining all these option one by one

Girl Voice Changer Pro Mod Apk [Latest Version]

First Option is Record And Change voice  upon clicking on this option you have to record your voice and then you can change into different effects and different kind of voices also you can change pitch and clarity of voice in next screen of this app after recording your voice

Second Option is Open Files To  Change Voice if you have a  recorded audio and want to change its voice and also want to add effect in the voice so you can select this option as this is really helpful if you can select your any record audio from file manager and easily change its voice 

Third Option is Text To Audio you can easily create audio file from your text file and also this feature is very interesting many of you people can easily create voice from text file and also changed its voice to different tones and also you can add ambitious sound effects and this feature is quite interesting in this app you can try this feature

Last Option is My Works and in this option all the project that you have done in app will be saved and showed here so you can easily check out them and also if you have any remaining project and want to complete it so you can do this task from this feature

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Change Voice From Male To Female

Let's starts this tutorial from record and change voice feature click on that option and record your voice remember you have to record clear audio so you can easily get better results after changing voice into female voice on this app because a better audio quality will provide a better voice changing quality

After recording audio click on next button and new screen will be open that looks like that it and here you will get multiple voice changer option and you can select one of them as your two eyes no you will get an extra option of voice pitch and voice clarity after clicking on any voice model button honestly these option are helpful when your voice pitch is low and high and your voice is not clearly changing you can use this feature to set a pitch and clear it in audio

Now most of the people want to change voice into female voice so here I have made a video tutorial on YouTube and you can watch this tutorial to change voice from this app to female voice and in this tutorial I have explain all the things that are necessary to change a good quality female voice so must watch this tutorial to use this app 


You can share your modify voice on WhatsApp as this app have feature to directly send voic message on Whatsapp so you can use this awesome feature of this app and also I have described in video to use properly this feature if you get any trouble while using this feature you can watch tutorial above here

Download File

Last Words

I have done a proper hard work and proper research about Best Girl Voice Changer App and after a lot of hard work I find this app and the mechanism of this app is very clear and get good results but if you are not satisfied with girl voice changer app so please comment down and I will share another app that quality is better than this app but I hope most of the people will like this app as this have cool features and cool voice changing options

Please tell us your feedback in comment section also if you have any problem while installing or downloading this app feel free to contact us via our contact form also we read all the comments that you post on this article and we will reply asap as soon possible 


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